Snake Island Research Inc 
What We Do
Snake Island Research is a software development and consulting firm specializing
in solving APL performance problems. Our services and interests include:

    Programmer education
    Application design and redesign
    Parallel computation
    Language design
    APEX: Compiled APL for workstations and PCs
    APEX: Compiled APL for multiprocessors
    Contract Programming

Who We Are
Snake Island Research Inc was incorporated in 1990 by Robert Bernecky.

For more information, call +1 416 203 0854 or send e-mail to:

LaTeX PostScript Type-1 APL font for ACM SIGAPL and APL Conferences, LaTeX2e class document, etc.: aplfont

APL and parallel BiBTeX bibliographic database. allbibs.bib

[CURRENT] The APEX APL compiler, updated to 2015-08-21, is now available. It includes support for overtake, and extended take and drop with an abbreviated left argument, as well as a number of bug fixes. You can download it as a tar file from here:

[OBSOLETE] Version 0.0.0 of the APEX APL compiler was released under the GNU Public License (GPL) Version 2, on 2007-10-20. You can download it as a tar file from here:

apex.0.0.0.tar.gz file

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